Writing Samples

While I have taken on the profession of an educator, I will always consider myself to be a learner. Throughout my undergraduate career, I have enjoyed studying and writing history. I have included some of my writing samples here because I take pride in the historical writing I have produced. I intend to continue to research and write about history throughout my life.


Literature for the Ladies: The Marketing of Little Women by the Roberts Brothers’ Publishing Company

An analysis of how the Roberts Brothers’ publishing company marketed the Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women by specifically targeting a female audience.


Exploring Albert: The Prince Consort’s Public Influence and Unpopularity

An examination of the unpopularity of Prince Albert, consort to Queen Victoria, despite his attempts of British social reform.


Art of the Invaders: How Mongol Rule During the Yuan Dynasty Affected Chinese Art Styles

A comparison of Chinese art before and after the Mongol invasion.